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Article: Working with dogs – The Basics
Posted May 23, 2015, 7:29 p.m. by peter

Whether we want to have a professional dog or teach him only a few tricks for domestic use, we must know how to deal with him while learning. Good communication between owner and "student” makes training easier and will lead faster to visible effects. 

  1. Patience and perseverance are fundamental principles for dog’s exercises. 
  2. We have to be “clear” for a dog. The tone must reflect what is happening at the moment. If the dog is doing our command good, then praise him profusely and raise our voice. As soon as something does not go our way, say it in the way that dog can hear it. 
  3. We must strengthen our praises with prizes: delicacy or fun. 
  4. Be consistent. 
  5. Work with the dog often, but in short sessions. Exercises with discouraged,  distributed dog lead to nothing. 
  6. Do not repeat the dog one command several times. We cannot notice when our  pet starts to check how much it can afford. 
  7. Remember that our little household members also have better and worse days. Let's learn to recognize them. 

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