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Article: Clicker Training – What is this all about?
Posted May 23, 2015, 7:29 p.m. by peter

A Clicker is a small box of great power, magic wand to communicate with the dog. Training with its help can be carried out regardless of the dog age - both for puppies and adult dogs. 

So what is the whole secret?

Clicker itself is a box with a spring-loaded piece of metal that gives specific sound. It can be purchased at a pet store or be replaced with e.g. cap, whistle, stapler, short words (e.g. 'yes'). The worst substitute, unfortunately, is the word.  Clicker training is a method in which desirable behaviour of the dog is rewarded (positive gain). This moment is marked with clicker sound (so-called bridge between behaviour and reward). Clicker Training is based on the fact that rewarded behaviour will be repeated by the dog. It is also a way of communicating with animal, very precise and easy for him to understand. The aim of the training is understanding by the dog, that his behaviour causes the appearance of prizes. Dog offers us behaviour because it is in his interest. At the same time our goal is equal to dog’s goal, and the compatibility of interests gives us the dog performing the commands with joy, which is our partner. 

During clicker training, you should be aware of a few rules by which it is so  effective: 

  1. Click ALWAYS means the prize. First click - and then reward (e.g. Titbit)

  2. Click ONLY ONCE when the behaviour continues, e.g. in the exact moment when the dog shows desired behaviour. Clicking carries the message: "What you are doing at the moment, just paid off". Therefore, just click at the moments that are important to you. 

  3. DO NOT EVER USE the clicker to recall the dog. Press the clicker only when animal performs even minimal movement in your direction. Otherwise, the dog will be  convinced that we mark lack of interest. 

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