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Article: Seven top amazing and yet simple to train tricks
Posted Aug. 26, 2015, 11:44 a.m. by Rajat

People will be very much interested in you and your dog if they realize that he is very intelligent and that he adheres to the commands that you give him. You always have to be patient, confident and always proactive if you want to make him understand the simple train tricks that are equally important.

List of simple train tricks:

1. Name

You will always feel good and honored when you hear your name being mentioned, the same applies to your dog. You should come up with a name that is perfect for him and train him. You can do this by frequently using a particular name and after sometime, he will definitely realize his name and come to you whenever you call him by his name.

2. Heel

This trick applies when he is not on the leash and you want him to keep up with your pace. With the “heel” command he will always be by your side not one stride ahead or behind and he will either do this by jogging or walking right beside you. The significance of this trick is that you will always keep him away from any danger and harm.

3. Stand

“Stand” trick should always be taught at the same time with the “sit” and “lie down” trick. It is an automatic trick and your dog is likely to get it within the shortest time possible. High five, paw, shake hands It is also an amazing trick that you can teach your dog especially if he enjoys learning new dog tricks. You can do this by simply commanding him to sit on his hind legs and in front of you, when he raises his front paw; you give him a high five. It is a very interesting trick and I am very sure that he will always enjoy it when you ask him to give you a “high five.”

4. Jump

When he is very excited, you can teach him the “jump” trick and you will be impressed with the jump moves that he will always make whenever he is happy and excited.

5. Sit pretty

In other words you are teaching him the “beg” trick. If he masters it you will be very impressed because he will be able to give you different facial expressions and you can take a "selfie" with him. When he is bored, you can make him to “sit pretty” and this will always keep him busy.

6. Name of items

At this point you know that dogs are very intelligent and they understand a lot of words; you can therefore teach him the name of different items in the house and when he is familiar with them you can teach him the “fetch” command and he will be in a position to bring you any item that you want.

7. Count

You can teach him how to count and solve easy mathematical problems.


Dogs are man’s best friend and they will always try hard to learn the tricks that we teach them to do no matter how hard they are.

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